The Holistic Horse and Rider

Enhanced performance through integrated bodywork

Est. 2012

                               LOCATED AT TRILLIUM STABLES IN LAFAYETTE, NY

Welcome to my website and blog. In 2012, I founded The Holistic Horse and Rider, a vision dedicated to enhancing the performance of the horse and rider team through integrated bodywork. The definition of ‘holistic’ is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. My teaching and training philosophy encompasses the whole horse and whole rider.


The techniques I use include hands-on teaching, postural training, rider fitness and movement awareness that increase balance, coordination and skill for horse and rider.


I offer lessons, workshops and clinics utilizing my approach for both children and adults. In addition to lessons, youth summer camps and young rider programs are available.


The Alexander Technique is the main ingredient I use in my teaching to achieve proper form, function, use and timing of the aids in the rider. I was first introduced to the Technique in 2012 and it has since been instrumental in developing my own riding skills and my students’ skills. This mind-body re-education process has been utilized by multiple performers – dancers, actors, equestrians – to obtain the highest level of skill desired for each of their respective disciplines. It is the education I find to be the most relevant to the brilliant art of dressage and has been fondly referred to by my colleagues as “dressage for humans.”

– Corrinne Spaulding

me nd romeo

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