The Alexander Technique

Quieting the noise between horse and rider…


The Alexander Technique is the most valuable tool a rider can possess.’ – Carl Hester, Olympic Dressage Rider 

The Alexander Technique is an educational method for anyone who wants to learn how to move with better coordination, freedom and use of self.  Because it is an educational approach, the rider learns awareness of his or her body through a series of movement lessons. This is traditionally taught with a hands-on approach. The teacher uses his or her hands to guide the student through a variety of activities to help the student discover long-held habits of tension that interfere with the ease and flow of movement, and works to eliminate these.

Like riding lessons, Alexander Technique lessons give a student knowledge
to practice on their own. Students of the Alexander Technique learn a better understanding of their own bodies, how they move and how to identify unnecessary habits that interfere with their riding. This is very different from simply telling a student during a riding lesson to “put your heels down, lean farther back”.. etc. It teaches the rider how to obtain a highly skilled and functioning use of self to become a rider who rides with heightened sense of awareness, sensitivity and superior skill.
The Alexander Technique is popular with actors, musicians, equestrians and dancers. However, practicing better movement patterns in daily life can be applied to all activities including sitting, standing, running, and lifting.

Sally Swift’s Centered Riding was heavily influenced by her work in The Alexander Technique. I began studying the Technique in 2012 and immediately noticed results in my riding. After 6 years of study, I began  working toward my AmSAT (American Society for The Alexander Technique) certification. The Teacher Training program is an intense four year program, totaling 1600 hours of hands-on training and 160 hours of independent study in an area of interest. Studying a body modality in such detail has given me a large advantage in riding and instructing.


Working with Alexander Teacher, Michael Mazur, to find better contact with the seat bones.

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F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) founded The Alexander Technique to identify and overcome habitual limitations in posture and movement, 

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