My teaching philosophy : to provide a safe, creative and respectful environment for students to learn.  I am dedicated to spend as much time as needed for both children and adults to feel supported on their learning journey. I have committed wholeheartedly to my education so that I can bring a wide range of tools and skills to my students. Because my riding experience and exposure to several unique teachers was so vast at such a young age, I was able to take material from each and compile my own method of teaching. I determined that all riders learn differently. I did not want to just give my students commands. Further, I did not want to overwhelm them with “wordiness.” I want to teach them how and why to do something instead of telling them what to do. Enhancing the rider’s understanding of this goes beyond the mere mechanics of riding and stimulates the mind to get involved. This leads to breakthroughs in riding and better communication between instructor and student. In 2012, I founded The Holistic Horse and Rider. I made the decision to start my own business geared toward improving the overall performance of the horse and rider through the use of cross training. I wanted to use a holistic approach to develop and improve the mind, body, and spirit of the horse and rider.

I offer lessons, workshops and clinics utilizing my approach for both children and adults. In addition to lessons, youth summer camps and young rider programs are available. I firmly believe in students developing a balanced, independent seat and a thorough understanding of rider position, function and biomechanics. Dressage is the foundation of all training and I help my students develop confidence and skill during their flatwork so that no matter what their future goals are – dressage, jumping or otherwise – they will have a strong and competent foundation for their riding.

Several well-trained and safe lesson horses and ponies are available for lessons. I have limited availability to travel around the Syracuse area to teach you on your horse. Truck-ins lessons are also available.

1 hour private lessons – $65

1/2 hour private lessons – $45

Group lessons up to 4 riders – $45 each student

Summer Camp For Kids – inquire for pricing

Adult Summer Camp – inquire for pricing

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